There is no question that many of the ailments in our country are born from the


erosion of the family nucleus. National legislation is enacted to enhance civil


liberties often at the expense of fracturing the values that keep families together.


Statistics are difficult to dispute, and the correlation between single parent


households and poverty are closer than ever.


With great respect to the diversity of spiritual liberty, to often legislators are


afraid to discuss the root of their civic service as born from their faith. My hours


of community service, as did the founders of our country, are born from the pride


of service from ones faith.



As your Congressman

I Will...


Business - Education

To pretend that our business community and jobs can be protected from


globalization is foolish. We must understand that our future economic success in


the district and in the country will be prosperous when we understand that both


Business and Education cannot be an independently successful without the other.


When you take special interests that drain valuable resources from our


communities, our children have a higher opportunity to lean the skills that will


keep them gainfully employed in the future.


We must embrace the opportunities that smart education policies offer when


promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for Tomorrow’s jobs.


The World

Our country is the shinning beacon of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness


to the world. We cannot shut our eyes, our heart or our boarders without


believing that in the long run we will suffer the consequences of isolationism. Our


safety, our economy is strong because the investments made by generations


before us, I will work to keep our nation in high standing as we work to defeat the


forces that promote evil and destruction for the promotion of their ideology.





As your Congressman

I Will...


As your Congressman

I Will...

Work to help Single Parent Homes find a ladder out of Poverty


Work to strengthen programs to build Foster Families


Will work to curtail the intrusive indoctrination of Plan Parenthood while still protecting the good healthcare provisions for women.


Fight special interest, because they will not relinquish their income, our money without a fight.

Invest and support educators that are committed to the success of their students.


Work with the business community to help them be successful as they offer

fair compensation to their employees.


Work to keep our country and our allies safe from Terrorism and all those that wish us harm.

Work to promote the fruits of democracy to the world trough our organizations of good will.


Work to keep the economic agreements that bring jobs to our families and build new ones those open markets for our goods and products.


Fight to reduce the overextended reach of Pornography effects in our younger generations.


Protect the vulnerable. Seniors, Veterans and children. Including the unborn.

Fight for comprehensive smart immigration reform


Ensure that fair federal contributions are returned to the district for infrastructure investment and continued implementation of successful social programs.

Work with both parties to make sensible regulations to protect our economy, our environment and the health of our constituents.

To prepare the workforce of tomorrow, fight for comprehensive smart immigration reform


Mark Edward Padilla


Padilla 4 Congress #C00632414





Designed by Andrew Yanez