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I lived in Lincoln Heights as a child in Happy Valley and as an adult I lived in El Sereno in the shadow of the California State University Los Angeles.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Cal State LA.



I operated a family floor covering business.  Then I taught in a middle school for nine years.  Throughout my career as a grade school teacher I taught all subjects, however I later focused on Religion, Math and Social Studies.

Presently, I am the administrator of the immigration Law Offices of Leticia T. Moreno, APC in Montebello.  For the past seven years I have assisted the law firm in servicing the immigrant community.  Through my involvement with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Leticia Moreno has conducted pro bono workshops at various churches.  These workshops have focused on DACA, Citizenship and the current state of immigration under the new president.  I facilitated Ms. Moreno with becoming a regular commentator on the Spanish Catholic television network, El Sembrador Nueva Evangelizacion.  Together, she and I serve of the Archdiocese’s Immigration Task Force.




In January 2017, I was part of a nine-person delegation from the Task Force, which included Regional Bishop David O’Connell.  We visited Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico.  We walked the treacherous path of those that come to our country through the southern border.  A group named the Samaritans were our hosts and guides.  They leave food and water along some of the 3,000 miles of paths immigrants take to cross the hostile Sonoran Desert.  Although some do not agree with their mission, they continue to serve the humans that endure the extreme journey.  Unfortunately, the Samaritans are not able to help everyone and some have died along the way.  While in Tucson, the Task Force had a meeting with local leaders from southern Arizona.  We discussed the current situation of immigration and possible solutions for reform in our nation’s policies.  Our trip was timely as several days prior to our trip President Trump signed his Executive Order on immigration.


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